Installment vs Recurring Quick Guide from ReliaBills

Installment vs. Recurring Invoices

We often think of them as synonymous and interchangeable. But the fact is that Installment Invoices and Recurring Invoices are actually very different, and this article will prove just that. If you do a quick

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How To Get Clients To Pay Faster with ReliaBills

How to Get Your Clients to Pay Faster?

If there’s one thing, business owners can’t stand, it’s reminding clients about late payments. Whether it’s for a bill or an invoice, there’s nothing more awkward and uncomfortable than reaching out to clients for money

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How To Create a Cleaning Invoice

How to Create a Cleaning Invoice

Are you in the cleaning industry? If so, then you should know that business is always booming. For one, homes and offices are always looking for cleaning services. Also, Americans are always looking for reliable

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What is e Billing Ultimate Guide

What is eBilling? – Ultimate Guide

It’s 2020 – if you’re still dealing with the hassles of paper bills and check payments, then you’re not embracing the convenience of digital payment. By switching to electronic billing – or eBilling – you

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What is Dunning and How To Recover From It

What is Dunning and How to Recover from It?

Customer Churn – the nemesis of subscription-based businesses. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your customers turn from your business and end their subscriptions. Fortunately, dunning has developed recently and has been the go-to solution

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Credit Memo vs Invoice Comparison Guide

Credit Memo vs Invoice – A Comparison Guide

In running a business, there may be activities and transactions that feature terminologies that are quite confusing. However, the confusion shouldn’t stop or hinder daily business operations. Having a clear understanding of day-to-day business terms

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What is Installment Billing Quick Guide

What is Installment Billing?

Many consumers realize that paying their bills and dues are more burdensome than before. That’s why if you want to provide your customer with an excellent way to manage cash flow and retain as much of them as you can, we suggest that you get to know more about installment billing.

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What is Friendly Fraud

What is Friendly Fraud and How to Prevent It?

If you’re a merchant, issuer, or consumer, you might agree that one of the most confusing terms that you may have come across is “friendly fraud.” Just by looking at how both of these words are paired together can already raise a lot of eyebrows.

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9 Types of Business Invoices

9 Different Kinds of Business Invoices

Doing business has never been more convenient yet more complicated. In today’s trend, all kinds of businesses are carrying business transactions daily. These transactions are carried out by business invoices, which makes invoicing one of

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What is Churn Rate and How To Deal with It Ultimate Guide

What is Churn Rate and How To Deal with It? – Ultimate Guide

As a business, it’s essential for you to know the rate of customers or clients that you have. The customer is a vital piece to your business as they are one of the entities that are keeping your business afloat. That’s why you need to be mindful of the number of customers that you currently have, as well as the rate of employees that leave your company at a certain period.

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A B2B head figure trying to figure out why his B2B Invoices are not getting paid

Late Payment Solutions for B2B Customers

So, you’ve read our last article Why Your Invoice Isn’t Getting Paid and determined that you share a B2B relationship with your customers (i.e. your customers are businesses, not consumers). Additionally, we discussed some of the main

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Two hands holding each other in agreement and another hand holding the invoice that represents the polite way to get paid for small business

Invoice with Integrity

You run your business with integrity, which is why your clients come back to you on a regular schedule. You provide a service and lay out your terms effectively, allowing your client to have expectations,

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ReliaBills has the answers for late fees

Late Fees: We Have The Answer

Typical questions often asked about charging late fees by small business owners include: Should you charge a late fee?  How much should I charge? Will it alienate your customers? The answer is always, “Yes! Charge

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A person touching a file icon surrounded by cloud based invoicing software

Don’t Fear the Cloud

Fewer and fewer small businesses are run in an office or a brick and mortar establishment in this day and age. Much of the time, owners aren’t in a chair but are out in the

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A presentation of having a small business doesn't mean your system is small but be big

Size Does Matter in Business

Most small businesses and start-ups often have the mindset of wanting to look that way – small and limited. However, that’s not what doing business is all about. No matter what your company may be

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Online money concept with stock market chart

Invoicing for Small Businesses

Small businesses face certain situations and struggles that other, larger companies, do not. Larger companies have many departments to connect the transactions and interactions various parts of the company have with each other and their

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